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Near the middle in competitiveness for 25 years, this is where India must focus

Where does India stand in terms of economic competitiveness? It might seem a rude question to ask when the government, and many economists, a large number of them direct or indirect supporters of the NDA government, are quite satisfied that India is doing well and it will be among the top three economies of the world by around 2030.

Chief Economic Advisor to the Government V Anantha Nageswaran told a Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) meeting in Lucknow that the Indian economy is an autopilot and it will grow at 7 percent per annum for the next decade because the government has done enough for the momentum to be maintained.

The state of the Indian economy has also to do with its quality, and a key element is how competitive the Indian economy is. In the Swiss-based Institute of Management Development report of World Competitiveness Index 2023, India stands at 40 out of 64 countries.

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