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Monsoon in India 2023: Impact of La Nina on country’s rainfall this coming season

The Indian Meteorological Department on Tuesday said that the SouthWest monsoon season across India will likely be 96% of the Long Period Average (LPA). The LPA of the rainfall season for this period (June to September) between 1971-2020 is 87 cm.

According to IMD, higher probability for monsoon seasonal rainfall is considered to be normal. So if rainfall range is less than 90%, it is put in the ‘Deficient’ category and if it is between 90%-95%, it is considered to be ‘Below Normal’. Rainfall from 96% to 104% is considered ‘Normal’ and between 105% to 110% is considered ‘Above Normal’. More than 110% of rainfall would put it in the ‘Excess’ category.

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