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I am 36 and was laid off recently. I have Rs 40.5 lakh as savings. How do I manage my daily expenses

I am 36 years old, have a family, and was recently laid off by my employer. I was earning Rs 1.5 lakh before the layoff. I have savings of Rs 40.5 lakh. Rs 30 lakh is in MF and shares, Rs 10 lakh in PPF and Rs 50,000 in FD. How do I plan for my daily expenses? What are the do’s and don'ts?

Name withheld on request Reply by Sushil Jain, CEO,

As a financial life planner, we can understand your current situation. But don’t panic. Instead of panic you need to plan how to manage your current situation. As we always advice, one should divide income in three categories, 25% saving and investment, 25% in lifestyle expenses and 50% in household expenses. You should first stop lifestyle expenses, if it is not sufficient than stop your regular investments like SIP. If you are not able to manage your expenses after that then follow these three steps.

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