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Bournvita controversy a wake-up call for Big Food

Cadbury may have done itself a huge disservice by sending a legal notice to influencer Revant Himatsingka for his Instagram Reel calling out the company for advertising what he claimed were dubious health benefits of its chocolate “health” drink Bournvita.

For one, the video had notched up 12 million views on Instagram by the time it was pulled under pressure, which meant that anyone with interest in the subject had already watched it. It might even have died a natural death as many such issues raised on social media have in recent times.

But with its ham-handed response, which does nothing to debunk the main issue that was raised, Cadbury only gave fresh legs to it. Now a host of food experts, NGOs, doctors and the media have joined the debate, amplifying the message of Bournvita being a possible health hazard.

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