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Bonds, equities or gold? Which is the best asset class while RBI makes up its mind on interest rates

The burning question: Hike, hold or cut?

This is the most popular and pressing global economic debate in these uncertain times. Even central bankers have been dilly-dallying, indicating the state of flux they are in at the moment.

After more than a year of synchronised monetary policy tightening, the global economy may be on the cusp of the next phase of monetary policy as inflation moderates and growth slows.

Global central bankers have plenty of reasons to hike interest rates further—inflation looks sticky and inflationary conditions look likely to persist. Strong labour markets, the Russia-Ukraine war, climate change disruptions, greenflation (the rise in raw material prices as a consequence of moving to cleaner energy), deglobalisation, the impact of El Nino and OPEC supply cuts are the various ingredients adding to this inflation problem.

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