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Best Mid Cap Funds in 5 years: 9 schemes with 15% to 20% returns on monthly SIP (May 2023)

Best-performing Mid Cap Funds (May 2023): Mid Cap mutual funds witnessed the second highest net inflow after small-cap funds among all equity mutual funds in April 2023. The total netflow into Mid Cap funds last month was just Rs 1790.98 crore. Mid Cap schemes continue to remain popular among investors with total assets under management (AUM) of over Rs 1.92 lakh crore till April 2023, according to AMFI’s April 2023 data.

As per data on the AMFI website at the time of writing, as many as 9 Mid Cap funds have given 15% or more annualised returns in 5 years under their respective direct plans. One Mid Cap fund has even given an annualised return of 20% under the direct plan in 5 years. Calculation shows that a monthly SIP of Rs 15,000 in direct plan of any of these funds would have grown up to more than Rs 13 lakh in 5 years. Following is a list of such top-performing Mid Cap funds in 5 years till May 15, 2023:

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