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Are Managers Incapable Of Dealing With Staff Mental Stress? Experts Say…

Layoffs, return-to-office battles and concerns over artificial intelligence replacing jobs have elevated employee stress levels, exposing a troubling workplace deficiency: Very few managers know how to deal appropriately with workers' mental health concerns.

Nine out of ten US adults believe that the country is facing a mental-health crisis, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation. While workplaces usually have basic guidelines for managers on how to address issues like worker anxiety and depression, few have guardrails in place so they know what not to say. That leads to what experts say are haphazard attempts by bosses to air mental-health struggles in the workplace, which, though well-meaning, may increase strains on workers. More than seven in 10 employees polled by professional network Fishbowl said they're not comfortable discussing their mental-health needs and challenges with their managers.

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